About The Author

About David Thabet:

David is an Entrepreneur and certified trainer, with more than 8 years of experience in the Entrepreneurship & sales field. Through his years of experience, David worked at multinational firms, founded several startups, met a lot of investors and worked with market leaders in several industries.

David’s passion is to help young people & juniors start their own successful careers by starting their own successful business and become leaders. On an Academic level, David is currently pursuing his Sales, training and coaching studies.

He finished the following certificates:

Entrepreneurship Essentials, Harvard Business School, April 2020

Understanding customers to Drive Sales, July 2017

Diploma in Sales Management, January 2018 – May 2018.

Certified Trainer from Eslsca, May 2018

How To Sell Like A Pro From Dale Carnegie, March 2018

Entrepreneurship, University of Pennsylvania, May 2019

Sales & Customer Segmentation, Northern University, Dec 2019