Success Is In Building Community

We are now in the 4th Industry revolution where Industries had passed with 3 revolutions; the first one was the start of agriculture, the second one was the revolution of production where there were electricity and some motorized machines and production lines, this was because of the increase in demand, in the third revolution we discovered the automation to increase the production to fit the demand, now we are in the 4th revolution where we meet the link between human and the internet.

But now we are facing the 5th industrial revolution which is the human communication or the P2P, person to person, where everything can be customized for you, In this article I am aiming to help to figure out with you how can we start a healthy and successful community, according to psychiatrists, more than 60% of depressed people are because of the feeling of that they are not present or in other words “useless”. and this is because of the less communication with each other and evolution of the Internet. Try to take everything happening around as a message for your business, “building community is the key for success nowadays”, which means that helping people interact with each other is the key to sell your products to your customers. People are not looking for products, because to face the facts, we are in an era that we can find whatever we want with a single click, So your brand needs to be different, people when they get emotionally connected with the product and with the brand they understand the need from your solution, so part of building the community is the branding not only when building your logo of the brand, but in everything related to the brand, as the people working, the message behind the brand, the story, emotions, marketing, everything.

Let me give you an example, when we see the evolution of Facebook, first they started with pages where you can market for your products and people can interact with your pictures, videos, shop, go to other links. According to analytics, Facebook users get depressed from Facebook pages because they only interact with images and so on, but people who interact with each other which is the P2P as on groups get more active and happy. In other words, if you have a page of thousands of followers where you sell a certain product on, and on the other hand you have a group of fewer members than the page followers but you worked on making this group so much interactive and people are interacting with people to sell your products or even their products, you will start building a successful community, this is why Facebook started implementing new features on their groups to help people interact and understand that their presence differs in the community.

To get this part more practical, try to find how can your solution, product, service, can be more interactive or building the community, and making people emotionally connected with each other and with the brand. Thinking out of the box sometimes let us think away from people’s needs, but thinking inside the box with a different perspective, helps us see what people really need.

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