Start Your Startup – BECOME FAMOUS

In a previous lecture, we talked about how to work with early adopters to reach a mass of people and increase the curve of customers. In this part, we will be talking about how to reach a mass of people with less money spent on marketing as a part of your business traction.

When we say traction, we mean the progress of sales and marketing, customer acquisition, cost per customer reached, ..etc. The first rule of entrepreneurship is don’t run out of cash and to plan for this, you need to get high customer acquisition with low budget “how to get famous with less money” and I have a session on this topic inside “HOW TO START A BUSINESS” course, check it out

The first thing you need to do is MEET INFLUENCERS, those are the famous people having a lot of followers on social media, who like to try new products and market for them with a small amount of money opposite to the same reach of the customer through media buying on social media.

Let me give you an example, an Egyptian brand called Okhtein, they produce hand made bags, when they first started they sent their bags to Egyptian actresses and asked them to make good reviews on their social media accounts if they liked it. They got a huge number of requests for their bags according to this methodology and this is till today almost their only way of marketing is to get reviews from famous people or influencers. Nowadays Okhtien is an international brand in more than 5 countries all around the world, and famous people from Hollywood are wearing their bags.

This is called the power of influencers on media

The second thing you need to do is to let people be your marketeers, which means that use the networks to tell people what you are doing and what is your business doing and let the word spread between your networks and networks of networks. This is a powerful tool to sell your product by doing networking.

The Third action, DO SOME SALES BEFORE MARKETING, Sales is the company driver for success. meeting people like retail shops, suppliers, customers, and making a spread of the word before even spending a penny on marketing is so much powerful as after applying the first 2 points and this point you are now having a customer database that you can build on your social media.

Try to make a list of prospects you need to meet, to show them your product or service, use your social media accounts to send people your work and ask to meet them, I have prepared an online course for how to sell like a pro, check it out.

Finally, use emotions, try to implement some emotions in your marketing with your customers, as videos that can make people get emotional with your product or service, relate anything happening around us in the world with your product, this will let people communicate better with your product.


Above you can see how Coca Cola, made a marketing campaign that was based on spreading happiness, and this was demonstrated in the can itself.

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