Start Your Startup -Early Adopters

The first Entrepreneurship rule is don’t run out of cash, always find the way that makes you save cash, and this is why when we think about traction (sales, marketing, ..etc) we need to think wisely, how we can attract customers with saving money.

But before thinking about customers we need to get in our lines people called Early Adopters and these are the kind of people who are experts in my product or service field if these people find my product or service they will be supporting everything by making reviews, influencing others to use it and you can find a network of people that buy your product because the experts said so.

Always be ready to pivot if the early adopters said that your product needs some fixes, those are not a type of influencers but they are the top reviewers where they can make noise in the market that there is a new product or service getting into the field.

They are not the type of people who can be mentoring in operations and teams because they might not be business guys but they can mentor in technical issues.


As you can see from the graphic, early adopters are the second group to adopt a new technology or product. The first group is called innovators, and the ones who adopt the technology after the early adopters are the early majority, late majority, and laggards, respectively.

Each group has unique characteristics, which influence their decision to adopt new technologies before or after they became mainstream. Here’s a general description of each group:


  • The youngest group of consumers or companies
  • Most prosperous
  • Most connected to outside sources and innovators
  • Most risk-taking
  • More educated
  • Respected in the community

Early Adopters

  • Younger groups of consumers or companies
  • More prosperous
  • Well connected with the community
  • More progressive
  • Most educated
  • Thought leaders of the community — opinions are held in high regard

Early Majority

  • An older group of consumers or companies
  • Above-average to average prosperity
  • Connected with early adopters
  • More conservative but open to new ideas
  • Above-average to average education
  • Above-average to average activity and influence in the community

Late Majority

  • An older group of consumers or companies
  • Average to below average prosperity
  • Connected with the early majority
  • Staunchly conservative — approach innovation with a lot of skepticism and will only adopt technologies if they’re proven and the majority of the community has adopted the technology
  • Average to below-average education
  • Average to below-average influence in the community


  • The oldest group of consumers or companies
  • Least prosperous
  • Virtually no connection with the community
  • Extremely conservative and traditional — will adopt technology when its the only remaining option to complete a task
  • Least educated
  • Little to no influence in the community


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