Start Your Startup – Power Of Teams


Power Of Teams:

If you asked me what is happening inside a new startup I would tell you that it is a fire of ideas between a bunch of people those people are called the team, people enjoying the vision and applying the mission

99% Of startups fail in the first 5 years because of teams, and let me be specific, not because the team is not professional but they are not visionaries and seeking challenges not a 9 to 5 job, There are several points to consider when choosing teams:

First thing, Not Your Friends, not because you have a professional friend that means that they can fit in your startup, in business we always think about how will these people have a vision, mission and challenge the ideas, not friends who can support my business. This applies to co-founders, choose the co-founder that complete you in the startup.

Second thing, Understand Team Work if your team is not going to understand the idea if team-work, which means that the completion of anything depends on the whole cycle, everyone in the team is responsible for their part and deligating others.

Third Thing, Consistency, being consistent means that the team can see a vision and wake every day in the morning to work hard reaching this vision. They believe so much that this startup is part of them and they are not just an employees.

Fourth Thing, Always Learning, part of any leader and his team is to be students always, which means looking for development every day.

Fifth Thing, Dealing With High Risks & Pressure if you have a team that cannot accept pressure and risk, then they are not the best pick for a startup, because pressure and risk are a main factors for any startup.

Finally, Professionalism, picking a professional people is not optional, because the reason why you need people is to make things that you cannot do. so the aim of teams is not to have an office full of people, but to have a professional young people everyone are experts in his field.

To conclude, when picking your team, look for people who are visionaries, love to work in teams, consistent and believing in the dream and vision, always learning and seeking development, deal with high risks and pressure, and professionals.

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