99% of people don’t understand this

There is a relation between understanding yourself, passion, purpose in life and success, In this article, we will be talking about how to find the path of success.

First, The Obstacles Of Becoming Successful

There are three main obstacles for being successful, the first one is the community which includes: family, friends, people talks; and mainly when we deceive ourselves by putting our career & personal lives into the hands of the community or in other words, believing in what people say about success, which is, for example, one way and no other ways, by starting your career without understanding what are your capabilities or what you can do.

The second Obstacle is the Media, and here we can talk about how social media had an impact on changing people’s attitude towards life, how media was responsible for war. Media is not a bad way of communication but it might be a harmful way when used badly, social media can open up a lot of comparisons between people because you always want to be as people inside pictures, they might look happy but deep inside they are feeling bad. Media is deceiving it gives you a glimpse of the outer frame of any story without giving you the details. Judging your success in the eyes of the media is so deceiving. Last thing, speed, we are in Industry 4.0 which is all about speed and communication where you can be connected to anything anywhere. This is amazing, but it is also harmful to people with no plans in life because it gives us half of the picture, where you can get anything very fast, even success as if you don’t have to do hard work to reach the success.

To conclude this part, don’t be miss led by what people say about success, you build your success by yourself, with your capabilities. There is no right and wrong in the way of success. Second thing, don’t be deceived by the media, there is a bigger picture than what you see in the media. Last thing, speed in life is not opposed to hard work.

In the coming part, we will discuss how to know your capabilities and passion to reach success

The first major factor is to understand the meaning in life, why are you here? This is a big question that needs an answer from everyone of us seeking development and success. 

This question here is about finding the real purpose in life, being the human being you were created to be. It’s when you go to sleep every day and ask yourself “have I took on step further towards my purpose in life or not?”. A book for Emily Smith called “ The Power Of Meaning” she states a question “ does what I do here matter?” and she continues “if there is a greater meaning that’s driving you, it’ll help you be more productive and meet these goals that draw you outside your comfort zone”. 

Secondly, Values, there is a great difference between having core values in your life and having some driving interests below you can find a picture of the main values and sub-values for human-being. if you have driven with your interests as for example money, differently it will not pass by your values, so you can hurt people for money or abuse others for any other interest that is driving you. The person that is driven by values are people who can filter there purpose in life. 


The third factor is Passion, you can find passion in life by using these four verbs: explore, ask, discover and practice. We need to explore new things in life to know where our passion is driving us, which means get out of your comfort zone and make new things that can help you. The second thing is, ask trusted people about how they see you, what are your capabilities and what are the things that you need to improve in your life, asking people is expanding your knowledge about yourself. Then discovering the things that you explored and the input people gave you is the best thing to find the practical way of your capabilities. Finally, start practicing what you discovered.

The last thing, Know you are a great leader, everyone is a leader, not everybody can become Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King Jr., but let us learn to lead and influence others as best as we can. When all of us lead in a small way, it will make a major difference to society. To be successful is to influence others, make difference and use your capabilities to motivate people to be successful. Leadership is not by commanding people what to do but to lead them by example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

To conclude, 3 obstacles in life deceive you and keep you in the comfort zone and not discovering the real you: Community, Media & speed in life. 4 things to start the way of success: Purpose in life, Values, passion, and leadership.

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