Personal Branding – Defining The Right Audience

In the previous chapters we have discussed the idea of creating your own vision for your brand and setting values, then we have talked about where to be, or where you want to be in the future as a career and personal path and how this can match with your values and passion. We have also covered in another part the aim of emulating others and starting from where they ended and not starting from scratch, also building your own image.

Continuing in “how to build your own personal brand, one of the biggest mistakes for people building their own personal brand is not defining the right audience, understand that your time, energy and money you invest in networking are important to be defined to the right people. I will share with you several steps to be done to work on building your audience that can support your personal brand.

Building relationships

The first thing to think about when defining the right audience is to build relationships with people you know and people you don’t know and the aim is is to understand people’s problems and pains in your industry or in personal life. Get into social media groups, discussions and read people’s comments. You can know where to search for your audience on social media or industry market. Second thing, start offering some help or solutions for people’s pain and understand that as to get more audience to your brand, you need to work on solving problems because the art of sales is to give people something they need to give you something you need. Investing your time, money and energy in helping people and solving problems is the fastest ROI. Try to save 30 minutes in your day to network with people and do split trials of offering people solutions for their problems.

Refine Your Audience 

 Your audience is divided into the following criteria:

  1. People that pay you
  2. People that influence the people who will pay you
  3. Your supporters

A. People That pay you

  • Identify the person who will scale you

People that pay you might be your boss, investor, certain client, market leader,..etc. these people will be responsible for taking you to another level so if we have covered before that when emulating others you need to check their career path, then you need to know where is your next step if you are a sales agent then maybe your next step is to be a senior sales or sales manager, so in this part, you have to identify who are the people responsible for moving you forward to another level in your career path. These are now your target audience. Another example if you are now looking for the right career path and you started implementing chapter 1 & chapter 2 maybe you now want to find the right audience to hire you at the right place so maybe market leaders are your target audience. 

  • Get into details

Try now to get into more details for those audiences, part of personal branding is to find the match between you and the audience. Write down their names, age, hobbies, places they get to visit usually,..etc. 

  • Motivations of audience

For any person, there are motives that drive them to do what they do, if you want anyone to help you or pay you if they are your real target audience, then you need to give them what they want or desire. Let me give you an example, you are working as a sales agent and your boss, sales manager, who has the authority to give you a new title for a senior sales and increase your salary, after building a relationship as discussed before you need to start finding the real motives, by asking questions, so let me say that his/her desire and values are family, so definitely important issue for the is to get home early to stay with the family. One of your goals is to achieve certain targets to help your boss achieve their goals and desires, this is not your main goal but one of the goals.

Another example, suppose that your audience is your customer, and you knew that the motive is to be upgraded in the company they are working for, and to do this you have to propose an idea for the customer to increase the efficiency of the production line, making it one of your main goals to help the customer achieve their desires and motives, and believe me they will do all their bests to help you reach your desires.

  • Plan

As to have higher achievements, you need to discuss with the target audience the plan, try to put the plan together because this will give them a brief about how you are keen about helping them and will give you a brief about to help them more.

Try to look at how others have done it before and take their steps, the next thing is to take steps through your achievements with hard work and consistency and get back to the previous chapter we talked about how to build your own image and we talked about consistency. 

B. People that influence the people that will pay you

Any person that will pay you has several people or maybe only one person that influences them, those people are trustworthy for the bosses, investors, clients. So neglecting them is not the right decision, but gaining their trust is the best way to be sure that the person that pays you will take care of you. Here are the steps to follow to identify the influencers and win their approval. 

  • Identify

Identifying the influencers is nowadays done by using professional social media platforms, like LinkedIn, where you can find your target audience and check their activity and see who are most-followed people on their profiles. 

  • Plan

Your plan now should be finding the influencer’s motives and try to follow their work and open more conversations with them and get your target audience to be involved in your conversation with the influencer, also try to offer any help for them.

C. Supporters

“If you’re only one person and without supporters, you won’t have all the tools necessary to achieve your goals”

  • Identify

Your supporters are not the “yes” team, but the people that you trust and have an opinion that can give you more motivation and develop you, they are the people in your circle of life who can challenge your ideas and perspectives and push you to be your best

  • Let them know your goals

Try to share with them your goals, values, passion, all the things you have done so far, what are you willing to do, who are your target audiences, ask for their help to support you with the right feedback, and ask if you can help them back.

  • Update them 

Part of building your personal brand is to create a story of your life and share success and failures. Try to share with your group of supporters the updates of the vision you have created and the impact of building your personal brand, because being alone all the way is a hard and heavy thing to be done.

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