Emulate Others & Build Your Image

Previously in “create a vision” blog, we have talked about how to create a vision for yourself and understand where you want to be, in this chapter, we will be talking about the importance of emulating others and working on your professional image

Others Worth Emulating

Some people think that they need to start thinking from scratch about their career path, you need to think again. In this chapter, we will go through several points where we will have a look at the aim of emulating people to start from where they ended.

The first step, list the people you admire, here I am talking about role models, parents, elder friends,..etc. anyone in your circle of life that you have a bio for them and thanks to LinkedIn that helped us find people’s career paths. Write down this list of people and in front of everyone, their career path, description of those people, and the reason why you admire them. Second, dig deeper into their lives, the reason behind getting a deeper look into their lives is to see what is hidden not only in their professional life and to know if this type of path fits your values & vision or not as stated in the previous article. Thirdly, rank those people according to their career arches that are similar to your inspiration and vision, even after doing this it will be very hard to fit everyone to your exact vision but the aim is to find a close path to the one that you are inspired for. Fourthly, understand their steps, after ranking the list try to have a look at the top-ranked ones and check their profiles closely how did they go to this ladder of career and reached this position. Finally, make adjustments to improve, which means you will never have the same career ladder because you are unique and different and definitely you there are some modifications that should be done, now try to think how emulation could be done with a way of innovation in your career path that strongly support your vision and values.

Professional Image

In the past chapters, we have been talking about how to create a vision for yourself and how to emulate others to find your career path that fits your personal vision and values. Throughout the coming chapters, we will be going through how to set your professional personal brand that could be recognized by people around you.

Talent VS Consistency

What do you think has a better acceptance from people is it talent or consistency? Some people will say talent because it is so noticed by people, but actually consistency is most of the time the eyecatching for bosses because you could be trained well to fit for a job, but you cannot be trained on consistency, consistency is something that comes deep from inside you. Let me give you an example, in Soccer you can find a great player like Mohamed Salah – Liverpool player and you can see at his age there are a lot of talented players but Mohamed Salah is noticed all around the world because of his consistency. If we go back to his past, you will find out that he was used to traveling every day almost 100 miles to play soccer with an unknown team, yes it was the passion and believe what drove him to do so, but it was also based on consistency and doing the same thing each day. 

We sometimes refuse the routine as we believe it is opposite to creativity, on the contrary, routine helps you learn more and be more creative. Believe that being consistent is part of building your own personal brand.


Part of building your personal brand is to show your creativity to people, no one in this world lack creativity. But it is about knowing yourself as we have discovered in “create a vision” blog, creativity here is about succeeding in a certain job with a different way or customized solution. According to your level of creativity in showing your success, people can recognize you.


Being memorable is not only by doing a favor to people but by thinking sometimes with an unordinary way of thinking, that makes you memorable “being different & unique”. When I was hiring someone for a job I got more than 50 resumes, out of all of them I found out 2 or 3 unordinary, not just sending an email with their resume, but writing in the email how they can add value to the company and how they are so eager to be there, this is what I mean by memorable, even if 2 of them didn’t work but when I found an opportunity for them I didn’t hesitate.

Building your personal brand needs time and consistency, and to be memorable you need to break all the walls of fear and do what makes people be astonished, it is not a must to be something with a high level of creativity but that is unordinary and unique. Part of being memorable is to talk to people about what you can do in life; hobbies, area of expertise, knowledge.


Networking is one of the most important parts of building your professional image and personal branding, thanks to social media especially LinkedIn that gave us the opportunity to connect easily with market leaders and expert people. Save 30 minutes each day on LinkedIn; connecting with new people and talking to them about what you are doing and asking them what they do, share posts or blogs, interact with people’s posts and articles.

Try to join networking seminars or meetups that can help you explore more people and meet new people and always believe that you could be beneficial for them as they will be to you

Build Credibility

Chris Duker once said when he was asked If you were building an online presence from scratch today, what 3 things would you consider providing the biggest ROI on your time and money?

His response was “I’d invest time in creating as much value-filled content as possible. People need answers to questions and solutions to problems. If you truly want to build a brand and be seen as a genuine expert and the go-to person in your industry, you need to exude everything about the industry in a command-able and memorable way – creating content that people genuinely want to consume and, more importantly, share to their peers, is paramount.”

Credibility is not something easy to be built with your customers or people working with, but it is a must when thinking about your personal brand. building credibility is based on all the above items: knowing yourself and creating your vision, personality traits, consistency, creativity, memorable & networking.

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