What You Sell Is Not What They Buy

By: David Thabet

If you agree with me there is a world rule: ” You could never take what you need from someone unless you give him what he/she needs in your hand”

In any trading action, there is a buyer and a seller, both parties have needs and each one is trying to take what is in the other party’s hand.

Obviously, no one wants to lose nor sacrifice with their needs, so the best-case scenario as to make a good rapport with your client is to reach the “WIN-WIN” situation; which means that you care about to give the client what he needs and you take what you need. Sales are not about targets, sales are about increasing the network and satisfying the client need without losing.

This is why for any person there is something called “Interest Areas”; and this is the area where the client or yourself has a real interest in making the deal. Let me explain more, below you can find the diagram for the 4 corners of interest areas

Each one of us has those 4 corners: Primary interest, What we want. Buying Motive, Why we want it. Buying Criteria, What we must have & Other considerations, What we would like to have.

As to explain this more let me give an example:

You entered a mobile store to buy a new phone;

You: Hi, I want to buy a new iPhone

Salesperson: Sure, but can I ask you several questions to help you more?

You: Yes please, go-ahead

Salesperson: Can I know what is the current phone you are using?

You: I am using Samsung

Salesperson: mmm, So what is the cause of the change from Samsung to Apple

You: The reason is that I found out that my phone battery drain more than once a day

Salesperson: so this is the only reason why you want to buy a new phone and change to another brand, or there is another reason?

You: No, I believe that also my phone has lower memory storage and i need a bigger storage

Salesperson: Great, So what is the storage you need?

You: maybe more than 128 GB

Salesperson: Perfect, last question; is those 2 problems where solved will you change your phone or not?

You: Definitely not, because prices are getting extremely high and this out of my capabilities nowadays

Salesperson: I am keen about giving you want you really need, so let me tell you my solution: I will change for you the battery of this phone and will give you a 1-year warranty on this battery and also I will add for you 200 GB online cloud storage and all of this is for 30$ only. I think I have solved for you the problems, but still, if you want to change your phone I am at your service.

You: Wow, Thank you so much you saved my money

Salesperson: For more protection, you can get a screen protector for only 5$ do you want me to get it for you?

You: Oh great, yes, please

This salesperson looks foolish to other salespersons, but actually, the client when he will have any single problem or even though about changing the mobile he will never buy another one from any store other than from the place this salesperson is working at.

TRUST & RAPPORT are the 2 main pillars for any salesperson

Below you can find the answers to the 4 main questions for the above example:

Primary Interest: The client wants to get a new phone

Buying Motive: Improvement of belongings

Buying Criteria: Support & Budget

Other Consideration: Getting other protection products

To be a recognized Salesperson you need to always think about the client as a human being who has needs and you are the one who has the solution for these needs not by increasing your revenues only because you need to think about 2 things when solving others problems: 1. NETWORKING: this client when he goes home or meets friends he will talk about how you helped him and this is what is called recommendation 2. FUTURE SALES: this client definitely will come back when he needs anything concerning mobiles.

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