Create A Vision For Yourself

Think about a brand that you had always loved when you were young, for example, Mcdonalds what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this brand is it the arches or fries, burger, the slogan, the fast delivery food. Branding is anything that separates one thing from another it might be a symbol, design, reputation or emotion. In business, B2B is not only business to business it is people to people

Now for personal branding, the first thing is creating a vision for yourself and implementing this in your real life, with some skills, experience, and passion you would be recognized. Your personal brand is how you will be recognized by others and how do you accept seeing yourself professionally and personally. 

The first main pillar in your personal brand is the vision, creating your brand vision is according to several aspects, the first thing is WHO YOU ARE, “The foundation of personal branding rests on authenticity: The ability to tap into your genuine, humble, and individual human qualities from which your identity, personality, and character stem.” let us say that as to be recognized by others you need to know who you are and what is your signature and to understand the area of expertise where you can be unique and genuine. So, five main points to share with you about understanding who you are, 1) Setting values, values are the driver for your decisions and boundaries for your actions, you can set your values by considering people, feelings, situations,..etc. ask yourself “what are the most important things to you as a person” is it family, friends, ambition, job,..etc. 

2) Prioritize your values is extremely important because for example, when you have a list of values if you had a new job opportunity it might be good professional step in your career but if it doesn’t match your values for example family, it will end up with lack of happiness, this is why personal branding is about your professional and personal life meets your values that generate happiness

3) Passion overlap with values you set and part of your personal brand is to be clear with your professional and personal passion, so if you are passionate about sales, marketing & researching in your professional career for example, and for your personal life you have passion for family & travel, you might be people-oriented and your professional & personal passion both are aligned and both meet your values.

4) Personality traits are how your passion, values & goals match your personality..there is a study called the big five personality traits: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness & Neuroticism. This study helps you define yourself & to put your passion on a real ground. Those above five traits are measured on a scale where you’ll be asked to answer questions based on your scale of agreeability. This test will give you insight into your personality and your traits. there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to traits. You’re simply identifying where you stand now and how you want to develop your personal brand. You can always change, but it’s good to know where you are now so you can make a plan for change if you feel you need to change. You can click here to get the free test

5) Discussing with family, friends & peers, you might have a perception about yourself and this is very important but if we are here discussing personal branding then it is also about understanding how others see you. Try to meet your friends and family members you trust where you can ask them how they see you, your capabilities, passion, values..etc. try to see yourself in their eyes, this will give you a clear vision of how you are perceived in their minds and how your perception aligns with their’s and how both are aligned with your personality traits and definitely your values.

Where you want to be

In the previous part, we discussed the idea of how to understand your self, so, for example, you have found out that one of your values is to help others and it is a priority, and according to your personality traits test you are an extravert. Now in this part, we will be going into steps to by the end it should be clearer on the type of career and life that will give you the most enjoyment and satisfaction both professionally and personally.


  • the aspect of your life that has been rewarding, I will suppose that you are not happy with your current job or even all the past ones, definitely, you have in your whole life a rewarding moments where you had this different feeling when doing something and being rewarded by your people and feeling that you have made difference. For example, you are working as a receptionist at a company where you have to answer all calls, you don’t like what you are doing when you recovered your memories you found out that the best moments where when you solved a certain problem for a customer on the phone or handled their anger, and at another situation in your life you found out that the rewarding moment was when you helped your friend express his feelings and feeling better when you listened to him. Start listing all the rewarding moments and write them down.


  • Narrow down the list, after you have written a long list try to categories them and then make the same thing one more time by asking yourself what is the most rewarding moments of the list I have written and try to narrow the list till you reach few categories at this moment you will start seeing your potential profession.
  • Career ending, After you had narrowed down the list try to figure out what is the ending of this career, which means what can be my career path out of this list so if you found out that the rewarding moments when you solved customers problems and listened to your friends, that is part of sales job so you might say that the career-ending is coaching young people and solving their problems.
  • Take steps back, this is the time to go back with time when you knew your career-ending, for example, if it is coaching people, then you will start with working as a sales agent then sales supervisor then sales manager then going for coaching people.
  • Vision VS. Values, don’t forget that you have set your values before and you need to match your values with your vision so if one of your values was family and being a salesperson requires, for example, a lot of travel far from your family then you need to know that choosing sales might lead to lack of happiness because you vision is not matching values. So go back to the career-ending and start going backward to find another career path that fits with your values.


In Conclusion, implementing a vision for yourself is part of building your personal brand, start by knowing first who you are and what is your personality: set your values, prioritize them, search for your passion & know your personality traits, then the next step is understanding where you want to be by checking for the most rewarding moments in your life, narrow this list, find your career-ending, move backward and finally check if this vision matches your values or not

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

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